Hearing Locations

Illinois Workers Compensation trials are set throughout the state of Illinois in 6 major hearing zones.  (see the Zone Map)

Each downstate hearing location is served by 3 different Arbitrators that rotate through the hearing locations.   Claims are assigned to a specific hearing site by the site or location of the accident and then randomly assigned to one of the 3 arbitrators by computer.  The workers compensation arbitrators ride circuit through their assigned hearing sites.

When accidents do happen outside of Illinois state lines,  the hearing location for trial will be assigned based on the primary location of employment.                
See the list of hearing dates and locations for all down state Illinois Workers Compensation trials, pretrials and settlement approval.       2016 Illinois Workers Compensation Hearing locations(.pdf)

2016 Illinois Workers Compensation Downstate Calendar of Hearing Dates

      Zone Map of Illinois Workers Comp Hearing Locations  

        Chicago area hearings for 2016 are held in Chicago and surrounding cities of Waukegan, Woodstock, Elgin, Geneva, New Lenox and Kankakee.  In 2015 the IL Workers Compensation Commission added new hearing locations in Kankakee and Elgin.