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Work Comp Chicago
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          Attorney Reviews:
  reviews by past clients on results and performance.  Thank you for the kind words of appreciation.
          Darcy --   husband killed out of state "traveling employee" in fatal truck accident - 
          My children & I were at our saddest point of our entire lives after my husband died...Brad was there for us & got us through this terrible time...he got us the workman's comp death benefits and the Rate Adjustment Fund cost of living increases for my 3 children (then 1, 4 & 5) and for myself.  He is a wonderful lawyer and he cared enough to continue to keep up with us over 19 years later.  He was a miracle sent to us ... and we thank him tremendously for all he has done & for what he continues to do.
          David  -- crushed by tractor trailer against  loading dock
        As an average Joe ... I would highly recommend Brad for workers comp...  with his knowledge and experience,  I received a very favorable settlement.  My family and I would like to thank them and their firm and highly recommend them to anyone...
           Mary--   husband killed in truck accident, newlywed 6 month old baby
      Widowed at the age of 26, with a 6 month old son to look after, I needed help in a big way.  Big help from somebody who would not take advantage of us or take us for granted.  I was so lucky to find Brad Bleakney to represent me and my son.  He protected our future and he took care of us in ways that even now, we are still very thankful for just how much he has helped us.  Brad dealt with us in a professional way and yet with a very personal touch.  He was always on top of things and answered my questions promptly and honestly.   Anyone who needs help... Brad is certainly there for you.
           Sharon G. --   husband's arm  amputated in printing press
        Angels...Brad is a very compassionate man...   he always made us feel our case was very important... he always returned our calls and he always explained things to us in great detail.  We feel he went above and beyond the call to help us...  anyone looking... "Brad is your man".

            Ezequiel  --  forklift driver --  lumbar fusion -
                  I couldn't have made a better choice in choosing Brad as my attorney. Brad was great at coaching me through my injury, tests and doctors visits and my back fusion.    He helped protect my job and my family. He is a very caring attorney. Brad has become a true and trusted friend. ... Es un abogado de confiansa.

           Yvonne --   workers compensation adjuster
     I've known Brad professionally and personally for over 20 years. bHe is the most knowledgeable Workers Comp attorney that I know.  He is  responsive, caring... and ... If you ever have a question about IL Workers Comp, Brad is the man.
  Work Comp Chicago Illinois Workers Compensation Attorneys