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        FAQ in Illinois Workers Compensation: 

               (see the official IL Workers Compensation Commission Handb0ok 25 pg. pdf)



              Handbook of FAQ's  for Work Accidents on or after June 28, 2011   (.pdf)



       Shop for Illinois Workers Compensation Insurance



       Illinois Workers Compensation Reform 2011 


            Illinois Workers Compensation Reforms 2011  (.pdf  7/25/2011)



       Frequently asked Questions regarding Illinois disability benefits:


               Illinois Commission Website Frequently asked Questions 



            Medical bills & the Illinois Medical fee schedule:


               Answers on Medical bills & Medical Fee Schedule 



       Illinois maximum disability benefit rates:


               Current Illinois maximum disability benefit rates

      Scheduled loss for Injured Body Parts

                Current schedule of weeks for injured body parts

      Illinois Workers Compensation Hearing locations:


              Illinois workers compensation 2016  downstate hearing locations (rev. 10/8/15)

         Hearing Location Table (Download rev.  11/13/14Cases are assigned to a hearing site closest to the accident location.                        If the accident occurred outside of Illinois, then the case will be set closest to the petitioner's home.


        Download the Illinois Workers Compensation Act: 


            Illinois Workers Compensation Act   (slow- large  .pdf)




       For Legal Assistance, Review and Representation:   


            Contact:   Illinois workers compensation attorney    


            Call:   (312) 541-0049




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